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Supplemental Instruction (SI)


AE 1826 Supplemental Instruction - 1 credit hour

SI students in classWhat is Supplemental Instruction (SI)?

Supplemental Instruction (AE 1826) is a 1-hour credit course that provides specific strategies and support for selected sections of some of UCM's courses. SI allows students to study together in a relaxed yet structured environment. Students can view the available SIs by searching for AE 1826 when registering for classes.


How does SI work?

First, a course is identified as one that students find challenging. Next, a student who has successfully completed the course is hired and trained as an SI leader. The SI leader attends the class and then plans and leads the study activities for the SI sessions.

Why should I enroll in SI?Supplemental Instruction students in class

SI provides

  • extra assistance for courses.
  • an opportunity to review lecture notes and take practice quizzes.
  • a review of homework assignments.

What do UCM students say about SI?

  • Without SI, it would be harder for me to understand my classes.
  • I know SI helps me to remember things or understand concepts for class.
  • If I don't understand something in class, I know that I will learn it in SI which keeps me more relaxed and able to get things done.
  • Without SI, I'd be in trouble. It's my guaranteed study time.
  • SI allows you to meet with the same group of people and study together. I personally would not be doing as well in my clases if it were not for SI.

For additional information about AE Supplemental Instruction (SI) courses this semester, contact:

Glenda Goetz Academic Enrichment

Glenda Goetz
Learning Strategies Coordinator
JCKL 3160D
Phone: 660-543-8644