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Biochemistry and Chemistry Programs

W.C. Morris Building
Room 417
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-4948
Fax: 660-543-8142

Biochemistry, Chemistry & Physics

Mission Statement and Goals

Within the limits of its resources, the Biochemistry, Chemistry & Physicsprograms at the University of Central Missouri exists to provide active, modern undergraduate programs in chemistry and physics:

  • to serve the intellectual needs of students seeking a liberal education;
  • to serve the technical and general educational needs of students;
  • to prepare professional chemists, physicists, and teachers; and
  •  for students planning careers in health, science, and engineering fields.

In fulfilling its responsibilities, the programs ...

  • provides opportunities for individuals to learn the knowledge and skills necessary to be: chemists or physicists in business, industry or government; viable candidates for graduate study in chemistry or physics; qualified candidates to enter into professional programs; or secondary chemistry or physics teachers.
  • incorporates modern technology and instrumentation into programs.
  • develops and implements assessment procedures for the purpose of continual improvement of instruction and learning in conjunction with Central's Quality Improvement Program (CQIP).
  • shares expertise with schools, businesses, and public agencies.
  • maintains the BSE Degree, Functional Major program, that complies with NSTA/NCATE standards for the preparation of secondary chemistry and physics teachers.