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Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

W.C. Morris Building, Room 222
Warrensburg, MO 64093
P:660-543-4930 F:660-543-8013
Dr. Xiaodong Yue, Department Chair


NSF S-STEM Scholarship Program @ UCM

National Science Foundation Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (S-STEM) @ UCM


We are accepting application for 2010-2011 academic year

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Central Missouri received a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant ($499,520) in September 2006 through an extensive nationwide competition. NSF’s funding proposals undergo a rigorous peer-review process, with each proposal reviewed by a number of faculty and administrators from universities nationwide. Our proposal is one of about 110 proposals funded in 2006 as a result of evaluation of 372 proposals nationwide. Dr. Xiaodong Yue, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, is the Principle Investigator (PI) and major author of this NSF proposal. It is the largest award NSF has granted to UCM by far. Funding of this highly competitive grant demonstrates UCM's quality programs in computer science, actuarial science and mathematics. With this grant, the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science willl be able to award 28 scholarships annually (up to $5,000 per scholarship) for the next four academic years for students majoring in computer science, actuarial science or mathematics at UCM (current and incoming). Each scholarship is renewable and may be received for a maximum of eight (8) semesters of undergraduate study at UCM subject to funding. The grant has several special features to help our student scholars during their study at UCM and prepare them to enter high tech fields or graduate schools after graduation. These are:

  • faculty mentor
  • scholar groups
  • peer mentoring
  • academic advising and assistance
  • professional development activities
  • career services and counseling
The NSF Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (S-STEM) program was established by the National Science Foundation in accordance with the American Competitiveness and Workforce Improvement Act of 1998 (P.L. 105-277) as modified by P.L. 106-313 and P.L.108-447 in 2004. The Act reflects the national need to increase substantially the number of American scientists and engineers.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria:
  • be a US Citizen, US National, US Permanent Resident or Admitted Refugee
  • pursue a degree in B.S. Computer Science, B.S. Actuarial Science, or B.S./B.A. Mathematics on a full time basis at University of Central Missouri. Preference will be given to woman, minority or students with disability 
  • demonstrate academic ability or potential
  • demonstrate financial need (must complete FAFSA form)
  • have a minimum ACT composite score of 22 (or minimum SAT score of 1020) and a minimum high school GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) for an incoming freshman, or a minimum 3.0 GPA for a student currently enrolled at University of Central Missouri

Scholarship Application Requirements:

  • apply admission to University of Central Missouri (incoming freshman or transfer student)
  • complete an online application form, including a personal statement (maximum 600 words) regarding future education and career plans as well as the reason for majoring in computer science, actuarial science or mathematics
  • have results of completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on file at the Office of Student Financial Assistance. (institution number 002454). If you need help to fill the FAFSA form, consult this page.
  • submit an unofficial transcript (DARS print out is OK). If you are freshman or high school student, please submit a copy of your high school transcript
  • Three letters of recommemdation from your instructors which at least one letter should address your academic ability and suitability for the program
  • Other performance metrics such as advanced placement score, high school class rank will be considered during selection if applicable

Scholarship Renewal Requirements:

  • maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0
  • continue as a full-time student at University of Central Missouri with a major in computer science, actuarial science or mathematics
  • continue to meet the federal financial aid requirements
  • make satisfactory progress towards a degree in computer science, actuarial science or mathematics
  • participate all required events in the program
  • complete a program survey and short essay of thoughts on the program


  1. Why should I complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)?
    Because demonstrated financial need is an eligibity requirement for this scholarship program.
  2. How do I know if I qualify for federal financial aid?
    University of Central Missouri has a Cost of Attendance (COA) and you will have an Estimated Family Contribution (EFC), which is calculated on your FAFSA. If COA minus EFC is positive (i.e., COA - EFC > 0), you qualify for federal aid.
  3. How will I know if I have received the scholarship?
    Scholarship recipients will be notified in writing that they have been selected and will be required to sign a contract indicating their commitment to the program. Schoalrship recipients will be invited to attend an award banquet sometime during March and scholarship certificate will be presented to each recipient. Each scholarship is awarded on a yearly basis (up to $5,000 per scholarship per year). Each semester, recipients will receive $2,500. Applicants who are eligible, but not selected for the program, will receive a letter of regret. They can be reconsidered during the next application period provided the student fills a new online application.
  4. Can the scholarship be renewed?
    Yes. Scholarship can be renewed on a yearly basis for up to four years pending funding if student satisfies the renewal requirements. Student must fill a new online application form upon renewal.
  5. Can I get other UCM scholarship if I received this scholarship?
    Yes. This scholarship does not prevent you from obtaining other scholarships offered by the university and department.
  6. How might this scholarship affect my other financial aid?
    If you receive this scholarship, there is a possibility that your loans and other federal funding might be reduced. The reason is that the total of all federal aid can not exceed University of Central Missouri Cost of Attendance (COA).
  7. What do I have to do as a S-STEM Scholar?
    a. meet with your designated S-STEM advisor on monthly basis
    b. attend the S-STEM scholars monthly meetings. These meetings will alternate between formal seminars about technical topics or informal meetings to help you learn about university resources and be successful in your major
    c. accept the mentoring of one advanced S-STEM scholar who will act as peer mentor. The mentor will share his/her Central Missouri experiences and encourage you to stay within the discipline
    d. complete survey that will be administered at the end of each semester, and be interviewed occasionally to assess the S-STEM scholar program at University of Central Missouri
    e. accept to act as a peer mentor during your second year in the program
    f. participate in professional development activities
  8. Can I receive this scholarship for a summer semester?
    No. This scholarship is only available for fall and spring semesters.
  9. Do I need to reapply to receive the scholarship for the spring semester?
    No. Scholarship is awarded on a yearly basis (fall and spring)

Grant Management Team:
The grant management team includes five faculty members from Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and Assistant Provost Dr. Melvin (co-PI) .

Computer Science: Dr. Yue (PI) and Dr. Tian (co-PI)
Actuarial Science: Dr. Tao (co-PI)
Mathematics: Dr. Davenport (co-PI) and Dr. McKee (co-PI) 

If you have questions during admission to University of Central Missouri, please contact Office of Admission
If you have questions when filling FAFSA form, please contact Office of Student Financial Assistance
If you have questions directly related to the scholarship program, please contact NSF Scholarship Program Director Dr. Xiaodong Yue