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Department of Career and Technology Education

Grinstead 120
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4452
Dr. Odin Jurkowski, Chair


Undergraduate Minor in Instructional Technology

Undergraduate Minor in Instructional Technology
(21 hours minimum)

  • CTE 2000 Technology and Society (3 hrs)
  • INST 4100  Integrating Technology into Teaching (3 hrs)
  • INST 4110 Google Educator Prep (3 hrs)
  • INST 4120 Google Education Trainer Prep (2 hrs)
  • INST 4300  Principles of Online Instruction (3 hrs)
  • INST 4310 Fund Development for Educational Technology (1 hr)
  • INST 4330  Technology Troubleshooting for Educators (2 hrs)
  • INST 4400  Design and Production of Media for Instruction (3 hrs)
  • INST 4920 Practicum in Instructional Technology (1 hr)

*Curriculum changes are implemented year to year. Above is the 2015-16 minor program. If you are in an older catalog it may look slightly different. Additionally, if you find that you would rather follow the current program instead of an older version we can substitute classes as needed. Contact Dr. Jurkowski if you are interested.

Student Learning Outcomes
The graduate will use the knowledge and skills obtained in the program to:

  • Demonstrate the use of various forms of technology integration in the classroom environment including word-processing, databases, spreadsheets, educational applications, presentation programs and the Internet.
  • Demonstrate the ability to teach with and about technology.
  • Apply appropriate theories and reflective models in instructional technology settings.
  • Exhibit professionalism and ethical behavior.
  • Provide leadership in the field of instructional technology.
  • Actively participate in the educational process by applying cutting-edge technologies that infuse the most current and effective strategies into the learning process.
  • Develop capabilities for applying technologies as a tool in the learning environments and designing materials for the classroom.