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Center for Teaching & Learning

Administration 304F
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.8528

Teaching Consultants

The Center for Teaching and Learning is in the process of organizing a campus-wide team of Teaching Consultants.  Their purpose is to provide direct one-to-one assistance to fellow faculty members.  Consultants may have knowledge or experience in a wide variety of teaching skills:

Teaching Consultants could be of considerable help to those inexperienced or seeking the make use of the expertise of others.  The Teaching Consultants' activities will be publicized on campus, and will act as advisors to the Center for Teaching and Learning in matters involving instructional enhancement at Central Missouri.

Current Teaching Consultants

You may contact any of the faculty listed below to assist you:

Jennifer Aldrich - Elementary and Early Childhood

Renee Cole - Biochemistry and Chemistry

Kathleen Desmond - Art and Design

Joyce Downing - Educational Leadership and Human Development

Larry Michaelsen - Management and Business Communications

Somnath Sarkar - Biochemistry and Chemistry