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Center for Teaching & Learning

Administration 304F
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.8528

Summer Seminar for Faculty Fellows

The Faculty Fellows Summer Seminar offered at UCM each year is a unique opportunity for selected faculty to supplement their existing instructional knowledge, abilities, and expertise with further exposure to pedagogical issues. This year’s event will focus on Integrated Learning Communities. The Center for Teaching and Learning is working with colleges to support ongoing initiatives at UCM and are excited to present this opportunity to select faculty.

A subcommittee of the University Council for Student Development is developing integrated learning communities to fulfill multiple general education requirements while engaging students in interdisciplinary work. The "ILCs" may focus on a single problem or issue from the perspective of two or more disciplines. At UCM, the initial phase might include a course block of 6-10 credit hours. The committee invites ideas and collaboration with colleagues.

The implementation of integrated learning communities will take time and resources to develop. While all ideas and expressions of interest are welcomed, the committee will invite up to 15 faculty members to develop their proposals by participating in the Summer Seminar Faculty Workshop targeted towards integrated learning and critical thinking. The ILC workshop will be held May 14-16. ILCs developed would run in Spring 2015.

If you are interested in any level of involvement in this process, please fill out the Expression of Interest/Preliminary Proposal form and return it to the General Education Coordinator.