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Center for Teaching & Learning

Administration 304F
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.8528


Can I receive funding to bring a special speaker on campus?
Yes.  The Center for Teaching and Learning has Speakers Series grant applications available through their department.  These application forms can be found on the main Center for Teaching and Learning website.
How do I register to attend one of the faculty/staff development sessions that I've seen on the University Calendar?
Go to the main UCM website, and click on the Calendar icon under the heading "Training Calendar ".  You will need your login information, department, and phone number to complete the registration. In addition, online trainings are available whenever you are online by accessing our campus subscription to Magna Commons.
I'd like to attend some special training or a conference that is related to my discipline.  Is there funding available to me?
The Center for Teaching and Learning offers Faculty Travel grants to meet these kinds of needs.  Go to the main CTL website,  to locate the application forms for these grants. 

I was awarded funding in support of travel, how am I reimbursed?

It is no longer necessary to submit copies of the travel voucher or receipt to the Center for Teaching and Learning. The faculty member’s department office professional should complete the survey at Faculty Travel Grant Reimbursement Request.