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Proud to be tobacco-free

Out of respect for others and the campus environment, the University of Central Missouri became a tobacco-free campus on January 1, 2014. In consideration of those who may find it difficult not to use tobacco while on campus, individuals may continue to use tobacco in their personal vehicles.You may read the entire policy online.

Questions, comments and suggestions about the new tobacco-free policy may be directed to the University Policy Office.

Provost Curtis has recently appointed a Tobacco Policy Procedures committee.  This committee is charged with the continued implementation and evaluation of the tobacco-free policy.  Questions or comments submitted online will be reviewed by this committee.

Information sessions about the tobacco-free policy are available for groups, departments or organizations. If you would like to request an information session for your department or group please contact Rhonda Neill at 660-543-4044.

Thank you for respecting UCM’s tobacco-free policy.


  • To help measure progress, the Tobacco Policy Implementation Team is administering a survey during the week of April 14, and all faculty, staff and students are encouraged to respond. The survey is intended to provide feedback concerning the way the policy has been received by UCM faculty, staff, and students; the promotion of the policy (has promotion been adequate); and how comfortable people are in talking about the policy to tobacco users. It is an eight-statement survey to which people can rate their agreement/disagreement.
  • You can help spread the word that UCM is now a tobacco-free campus by sharing our UCM Proud to Be Tobacco Free logo or poster.
  • NEW for 2014: Employees actively participating in UCM’s tobacco cessation program can utilize the Student Recreation and Wellness Center at no cost, even if they did not obtain the requisite 30 visits in the past 6 months.