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Gallery of Art and Design

217 Clark Street Art Center Room 215B
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4498


Outdoor Campus Sculpture

University of Central Missouri
Outdoor Sculpture Collection

Thursday, October 24, 2013 - 2 p.m.

Join Dr. Mick Luehrman, Chair of the UCM Art Department, and Christian Cutler, UCM Gallery Director, on a 60-minute campus walk to learn about UCM’s outdoor sculpture collection. The adventure will begin in the Gallery of Art and Design and continue across campus, weather permitting. This walking tour of UCM’s outdoor art will provide a greater understanding and appreciation of these art pieces.
For more information, please visit the UCM Lifelong Learning website at:

Eric Pervukhin

Richard Monson - "Criss-Cross"
Current Location: Front Entrance to the Art & Design Building

Richard Monson is a former faculty member of the Department of Art & Design. He studied for a time under Cicotello at UMKC and specialized in sculpture. His piece "Criss-Cross" was executed with the intention of placing it in the Union. Richard took into consideration how it would be viewed, and created a sculpture intended to be a tactile experience for the hands as well as the eyes.


Bronze Sculpture  

Dennis Sohocki - "Sun Dance"
Current Location: In front of Morrow Garrison Gym

Dennis Sohocki was inspired by the Eskimos and Athabascan Indians, when he lived and worked with them. His pieces reflect the simplicity of the lifestyle and the artwork that he saw while living there. Sohocki creates these simplistic, yet elegant pieces of artwork from materials such as bronze, wood, and stone.


White Marble sculpture

 Kathleen Caricof - "Petra"
 Current Location: Between North Morrow Gym & Administration Building

Kathi grew up near the sea, and her work reflects the motion and the timelesness that the ocean holds. Her work is a balance between abstract motion and representation of her subject. Kathi's work as a stone sculptor is recognized in both commercial and residential spaces.

Stainless Steel Sculpture

Arlie Regier - "Space Drifter"
Current Location: Corner of Utt Music Building & Hendricks Hall

Regier's work was created to express non-verbal thoughts. His belief is that if one person sees his work and is inspired to think on his creation than it was a well-spent effort on his part to create the piece. His work is a reflection of the machines that agricultural environments thrive on, the relation of how the person uses and interacts with that machine.

Welded Steel Sculpture Arlie Regier - "Farmall Farmer "
Current Location: Front of Morrow Garrison Gym



Larry Young - "Introspection"
Current Location: Between Walton Stadium & University Union

Larry's creation "Introspection" was designed to represent 'an interior life-form within an exterior life form.' He wanted to make sure his piece had a presence in the environment around the form, and that everyone that passed by, whether on foot, or by car, was aware of the piece. The piece is meant to reflect the lives that college students find themselves a part of, a time of looking inward and outward simultaneously.

couple stretching steel

Philip Uyeda - "Equipondation"
Current Location: Between Dockery & Ward Edwards

Philip created "Equipondation" with attention to it's surroundings in mind. The sculpture is meant to challenge all that pass by the piece, asking them to think and feel the piece. The piece was created with steel in a combination of welding and blacksmithing techniques.


Elizabeth Ritter - "Today's Quest, Tomorrow's Destiny"
Current Location: Between Walton Stadium & W.C. Morris Science Building

A realistic piece of a young girl sitting on a rock contemplating her future.


John Keppelman - "Aluminum Tree "
Current Location: North of the Union

The suggestion of a tree form.



Jerry Miller - "Squares + Movement = Questions"
Current Location: Front of Morrow Garrison

This piece was designed so that the viewer could manipulate the parts and thereby become actively involved in the design process.



David Laughlin - "Generations"
Current Location: East side of Campus Union

Figurative representation of four generations.



David Laughlin - "Guardian"
Current Location: East side of Memorial Chapel

A memorial piece "In memory of Private Guy Allen Sims, World War II, and in memory and honor of the men and women of the Armed Forces past, present, and future for the United States of America in times of war and peace."