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Gateway Advising and Major Exploration Center

Ward Edwards 1900
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4721

GPS Mentoring Program

Gateway Peer Support (GPS) Mentoring & Advising Program

GPS Walk-In Hours: 1 - 4 PM, Monday - Thursday, WDE 1900
for those who need "a little direction" ... we answer questions such as:

"What's the best Major / Minor for me?"
"I'm Open Options; can you help me enroll for classes for next semester?"
"How do I add a 2nd 8-week class to my schedule?"
"What kind of jobs could I get with this Major?"
"What kind of coursework does this Major include?"
"I'm not so sure about my Major or Minor anymore ... now what?"
"I have a hold on My Central account ... who do I talk to?"
"How can I check my grades in Blackboard?"
And Much More ...

The Gateway Peer Support (GPS) Mentoring and Advising Program is led by Graduate Assistant Katie Hammond and staffed by undergraduate Peer Mentors: UCM students who started college as Open Option Majors. They utilized Gateway's Major and Career Exploration services, selected their programs of study, and now serve as GPS Peer Mentors to help other students.

GPS Peer Mentors provide insightful assistance from a uniquely empathic position. They are trained to assist Open Option students, as well as any UCM student who may be reconsidering his/her major, with everything from adjusting to college life, to utilizing Major and Career Exploration resources, to reviewing General Education coursework options. GPS features a walk-in computer lab where you can get assistance with your exploration and enrollment needs.

Meet our GPS Peer Mentors

Katie Hammond
GPS Supervisor /
Graduate Assistant

Kathleen Hammond


Destini Miller
GPS Peer Mentor
BS, Biology

Destini Miller    
Brook Herrera
GPS Peer Mentor
BSE, Middle School Education
Brooke Herrera    

Anna Snader
GPS Peer Mentor
BS, Health Studies


Anna Snader    

GPS Mentoring & Advising Program - Gateway Center
1 - 4 PM, Monday-Thursday
Ward Edwards 1900, University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg, MO 64093