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Apartment Living

Greenwood Apartment Building

Furnished apartments are available for upperclass students or graduate students who meet the criteria noted below as well are not on academic probation.  Furnished apartments include:

  • Todd Apartments - one- and two-bedroom apartments (Required: 60 or more UCM accepted credit hours)
  • Foster/Knox Apartments - one-bedroom apartments (Required: 30 or more UCM accepted credit hours)
  • Nickerson Apartments - one-bedroom apartments (Required: 30-59 UCM accepted credit hours)

Unfurnished apartments are available for students who have 60 or more UCM accepted credit hours, are at least 20 years of age, a graduate student or have a family, and are not on academic probation. Central Village and Greenwood Park apartments are conveniently located on the southern edge of campus, away from all the hubbub.  All units are air conditioned.  One easy payment takes care of rent, Internet access, trash collection, cable television and water.  The only extras you pay are for gas and electricity in the energy efficient apartments. Telephone service is not included, but is optional through a local provider.