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Employee of the Quarter

The Employee of the Quarter recognizes the outstanding achievement of any UCM employee. Nominees will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Strive for professional excellence in performing duties that are "above and beyond" what is normally expected
  • Understand and support the UCM mission
  • Provide superior service to students, faculty, staff, and our community
  • Be flexible, innovative, and responsive to change
  • Be a team player by helping others to succeed
  • Make innovative contributions to UCM
  • Bright ideas resulting in efficiency in operations or appreciable cost savings.
  • An activity, special project, or outreach pursuit which has been especially effective and/or noteworthy.

Nominations may be presented by any employee, however self nominations are not eligible.

Please include as much information as possible as to why the nominee should be selected. Be specific and detailed. Remember to provide the nominating person's contact information too.

Nominations can be forwarded or emailed to the Office of Human Resources.

Employee of the Quarter Nomination Form