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Performance Improvement Ideas

Do you find yourself in a rut? Do your job duties seem overwhelming? If this describes you, here are some handy hints to help you increase your productivity and improve your performance:

  • Change the way you work;
  • Streamline your processes;
  • Cut back on unnecessary steps;
  • Change your work area;
  • Organize your work center;
  • Have a "process" built into how your center is organized;
  • Change the way you think;
  • Improve your attitude towards work;
  • Stay positive, even on days that seem chaotic;
  • Understand, have empathy, and think about other people;
  • Improve yourself, even the smallest attempt helps;
  • Attend a one-hour mini workshop on campus;
  • Read a motivational book (a little at a time);
  • Learn something new each day about your profession;
  • Take every day one at a time;
  • Pace yourself;
  • Tackle one project at a time;
  • Try not to procrastinate; and
  • Realize that you are only one person, network and get help when you need it.