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Team of the Quarter

The Team of the Quarter acknowledges the achievements of any UCM group that may include individuals from one or several departments. Nominees will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Improvement of a process, product, or service
  • Develop a new UCM product
  • Supports the UCM mission
  • Performs a project that goes "above and beyond" normal expectations
  • Demonstrated participation of every team member
  • Achievement of a team's mission and goals
  • Increased performance level within a program area or at a service point due to teamwork
  • Team spirit and building members' relationships

Nominations may be submitted by the person or group to whom the team reports, by the leader of the team, or by anyone who has first-hand knowledge of the team's achievements.

Please include as much specific and detailed information as possible as to why the team should be selected for the quarterly award. Be sure to provide the nominating person's contact information too.

Nominations may be presented or emailed to the Office of Human Resources.

Team of the Quarter Nomination Form