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Airline Information for Study Abroad


Airline ticket prices vary greatly in today's transportation market. Many websites exist to give you direct airline information, or to compare costs from multiple carriers. Purchasing round trip airline tickets for Study Abroad programs is the responsibility of the student.


Purchasing Tickets

Airline Tickets for Study Abroad should NOT be purchased prior to receiving acceptance letters to Study Abroad from UCM and the host university.

The following are only some of the site links to international airline ticket websites for research purposes. Students may also choose to visit airline company websites, or a travel agent to compare ticket prices.

  1. CheapOAir
  2. CheapTickets
  3. Expedia
  4. Kayak
  5. Orbitz
  6. Priceline
  7. Sidestep
  8. STA Travel
  9. StudentUniverse
  10. Travelocity
  11. Yahoo Travel

Regional Airline Considerations

Many students make time to travel around the region during semester breaks or after Study Abroad programs. The increase of no-frills airlines has improved the speed and accessibility of travel across the world. Regional airlines operate for much lower fares than general carriers, but are limited in the number of flights and destinations available. These may be less expensive and more convenient for students than Eurail passes or other forms of transportation. Check student discount ticket information. Some helpful hints to consider.

  • Review the airports carefully used by these airlines. Typically the airports are smaller than the main hubs, and are sometimes a substantial distance from a major city. Check the airline websites carefully for route information.
  • Baggage may be limited by number of bags and weight allowed per traveler. The airline will charge substantial amounts if your luggage exceeds limits.
  • Seats are usually assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Snacks and drinks are sometimes for sale, and may not always be available.
  • Know the final price. The initial quotes may not include taxes and other fees.
  • Confirm your flight prior to arriving at the airport if possible. Confirmation can usually be completed online.
  • Do not time your flights too closely—allow plenty of time between flights. The airlines assume no responsibility in getting you to a connecting flight on time.

The following are some helpful links to regional airline information around the world. More information is available online.

  1. List of Airlines in Operation
  2. Regional Airlines in Asia
  3. Regional Airlines in Europe
  4. Regional Airlines in South America

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