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Gain a Worldly Perspective at UCM

Gain a WORLDLY PERSPECTIVE. Experience learning to a greater degree.

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Application & Forms




Study Abroad Application Process

Application for Study Abroad

Academic Recommendation - 2 required




Global Vision Service Learning Program

(summer scholarship program)

Information and Application


Other Study Abroad Forms

Course Equivalency Form

Example How to Complete Course Equivalency


TW Lord & Associates International Student Health Insurance

TW Lord Insurance Claims Form

For explanation of insurance benefits, please see the following.

TW Lord brochure p1

TW Lord brochure p2


The Steps to Study Abroad

  • Attend a Study Abroad Information Fair in the Union, held each Fall and Spring semester
  • Note application deadlines for most Study Abroad programs
    • Study Abroad during the Spring semester? Application deadline - September 20
    • Study Abroad during the Fall semester? Application deadline - February 20
    • Study Abroad during the Summer semester? - February 20
    • Some programs may have earlier or additional deadlines (ISEP Exchange program application deadlines are on Page One of the Study Abroad Application form).
  • Select a program or location and take note of its admission requirements
  • Determine semester and length of Study Abroad program
  • Discuss your study abroad plan with your department and academic advisors
  • Visit the International Center to discuss your Study Abroad options in Union 302. Set an appointment to speak to Study Abroad staff by calling 660.543.4195 or email


Apply for UCM-sponsored Study Abroad

  • Complete the application form
  • Read all materials carefully and completely
  • Provide all application materials
    • 2 academic recommendation forms
    • Application fee
    • Statement of purpose essay
    • 4 passport-sized photos
  • Some programs may require additional deposits and have varied application deadlines. Please see application form for detailed information.
  • Obtain a passport - must be valid at least 6 months past your study abroad program
  • US Passport Application


Once You Have Completed the Application

  • Applications are reviewed by committee for acceptance to UCM Study Abroad
  • Receive Letter of Acceptance from UCM
  • Receive Letter of Acceptance from host university with important dates and information for your program, and paperwork for visa application
  • Read all materials carefully and completely
  • Attend mandatory pre-departure orientation
  • Attend visa application workshop
  • Apply for visa to host country (if required)
  • Provide UCM International Center with a copy of your flight itinerary and all required documents


After Study Abroad

  • Complete course equivalencies and return them to the International Center as soon as possible to apply your study abroad grades to your UCM record
  • Contribute 10 volunteer hours to the International Center for promotion of Study Abroad
  • Share your experience with future Study Abroad students and stay involved in International Education


Fulbright Program