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Faculty Opportunities

Travel Opportunities



Priority 1 I nternational travel as part of an approved UCM program


Priority 2 International travel to present papers or deliver a scholarly presentation


Priority 3 International travel for a purpose of exploring and promoting special relationships and exchanges between UCM and international agencies

Travel Opportunities

Under the auspices of the International Center, UCM has established designated funds to assist in supporting travel for faculty and professional staff whose travel efforts are focused in approved areas.

Financial support from these travel funds will typically not exceed $1,000 per person during a two-year period. These funds may be in addition to travel support from the Scholarly Activity Fund administered through the Graduate School.

Application Procedures

Faculty or staff who propose international travel to deliver papers and/or scholarly presentations should complete the Scholarly Activity Fund application form entitled "Application for Support of Faculty Travel" and submit it to the Graduate School in Ward Edwards 1800. Depending on previous allocations, an applicant can request funding from both the Scholarly Activity Fund and the International Professional Development Fund or from the International Professional Development Fund alone. In either case, the Committee will evaluate the request and forward its evaluation to the Director of the International Center. The criteria used for evaluation will be the same used by the Committee for other scholarly presentations from the travel fund.

Faculty and staff who propose international travel for the above Priority 1 or 3 categories should submit the Scholarly Activity Fund application form plus a letter of application directly to the Director of the International Center. The application letter should include the following items which will be used as criteria for recommendation of funding.

  1. A statement delineating the nature and purpose of the proposed international travel that gives details regarding anticipated benefits for the university.
  2. A statement showing how the background, training, or experience of the applicant can be utilized in accomplishing the objectives of the proposal.
  3. A statement from the department chair and dean giving indications as to how the proposal will enhance the stated mission of their units.
  4. A detailed statement of the costs of the proposed travel, including source (and amounts) of other funding.


Applicants for an International Professional Development Award will be notified by the International Center if funding has been approved for international travel.

Reimbursement Procedures

Within ten working days following the return to campus from international travel, the faculty or staff member should submit a Travel Expense Reimbursement Form with appropriate receipts to the International Center, 1200 Ward Edwards.


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