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Institutional Research

Institutional Research

Spring 2011 Enrollment Highlights

     Total Enrollment

  • As of the census date, spring 2011 semester enrollment at the University of Central Missouri is 11,323, an increase of 343, or 3% over spring 2010 numbers. The spring enrollment figure is the highest recorded for spring semester in UCM’s history.

  • Women are a majority at the university, accounting for 56% of total enrollment. The   university continues to meet the educational needs of diverse students. Of those who identified their ethnic background, 83% are Caucasian, 8% are African American, 5% are non-resident alien, 2% are Hispanic and the remaining 2% identified with other minority groups.

  • In total, enrollment of international students is up 63 to 497. Female students remained a very small proportion of international students.

  • Consistent with previous years, an overwhelming majority of enrolled student (83%) are Missouri residents. Jackson County is the residence of most UCM students, followed by Johnson County.

  • Full-time students comprise 69% of total enrollment in spring 2011, compared to 68% in spring 2010. Total student credit hours generated as of census date increased from 121,123 in spring

    • 2010 to 126,012 in spring 2011. An increase of 4,889 credit hours or 4% increase over

    • spring 2010 numbers.

  • The number of full-time equivalent students - a measure of credit hours taken - increased from 8,296 in spring 2010 to 8,633 in spring 2011, a 4% increase.

  • Total credit hours generated at UCM Lee’s Summit Center increased from 4,878 in spring 2010 to 5,465 in spring 2011, an increase of 587 credit hours, or 12% over last spring.

  • The number of Online classes increased from 318 in spring 2010 to 364 in spring 2011.

Undergraduate Enrollment

  • Of the 11,323 students enrolled, 81% (n=9,151) are undergraduate students. Undergraduate enrollment increased by 325 students from last spring, an increase of 4%. A vast majority of undergraduate students (88%) are degree-seeking. They consist of freshmen (18%), sophomore (18%), juniors (21%), seniors (30%) and other undergraduate categories (13%).

  •  A vast majority of undergraduate students (n= 8,093) are Missouri residents, accounting for 88% of undergraduate student population. Out-of-state undergraduate enrollment increased by 220 students in spring 2011.

  • Eighty-four percent of minority students (n=1,080) enrolled at the undergraduate level.

    • Enrollment of African-American undergraduate students increased from 632 in spring 2010 to 705 in spring 2011, up 12%.  A total of 207 Hispanic undergraduate students enrolled in spring 2011, up from 151 last spring.

  • At the undergraduate level, total student credit hours increased by 4,237 from

    • 107,904 in spring 2010 to 112,141 in spring 2011. The average undergraduate student credit hour load is 12.3. Undergraduate full-time equivalent students increased from 7,158 in spring 2010 to 7,477 in spring 2011, up 4%.

Graduate Enrollment

  • Graduate enrollment (masters, specialists and doctoral) increased by 18 to 2,172 students. Graduate enrollment consists of masters (n=2,009), specialist (n=146) and doctoral (n=17).

  • Sixty-two percent of graduate students are women. A vast majority (77%) are Missouri. residents. Out-of-state graduate enrollment increased by 29 students in spring 2011.

  • The number of Hispanic students at the graduate level remained the same, with 47 students reported for both spring semesters, according to the Census Report.

  • At the graduate level, student credit hours increased from 13,220 in spring 2010 to 13,871

    • in spring 2011. The average graduate student credit hour load increased slightly from

    • 6.1 in spring 2010 to 6.4 in spring 2011.

  • Graduate FTE students increased by about 5% from 1,103 in spring 2010 to 1,156 in spring 2011.   

This enrollment analysis provides an overview for the UCM campus as of the Fall 2010 Census date.  Five-year reports for student demographics and credit hour enrollment by college and department are published in the university’s annual Fact Book. The Office of Institutional Research welcomes your comments.

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