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Institutional Research

Institutional Research


Spring 2009 Enrollment Highlights

  • According to the official spring 2009 census date figures, a total of 10,643 students enrolled at UCM.  Total enrollment increased by 230 students from last spring’s official headcount of 10,413.
  • Of the 10,643 students enrolled, 80% (n=8,561) are undergraduate students. Undergraduate enrollment increased by 251 students from last spring. A vast majority of undergraduate students (89%) are degree-seeking students.
  • An overwhelming majority of undergraduate students (n= 7,761) are Missouri residents, accounting for 91% of undergraduate student population. Out-of-state undergraduate enrollment increased by 24 students in spring 2009.
  • Graduate/education specialist enrollment of 2,082 in spring 2009 is a slight decrease of 21 from spring 2008.  A vast majority of graduate students (81%) are residents of Missouri. Out-of-state graduate enrollment increased by 11 students in spring 2009.  
  • Women are a majority at the university, accounting for 56% of total enrollment. Fifty-four percent of undergraduate students and 64% of graduate students are female.
  • Minority headcount enrollment is 941 (excluding international students), representing 9% of the student body. Eighty-one percent of minority students (n=764) enrolled at the undergraduate level.
  • Enrollment of African-American undergraduate students increased from 468 in spring 2008 to 507 in spring 2009. At the graduate/ education specialist level, enrollment of African Americans increased from 82 in spring 2008 to 104 in spring 2009. The majority of African-American graduate/education specialist students are women (n=58).
  • A total of 121 Hispanic undergraduate students enrolled in spring 2009, down from 129 last spring. Enrollment of Hispanic students at the graduate/education specialist level increased from 28 in spring 2008 to 40 in spring 2009, up 42% from last year.
  • Enrollment of Asian students decreased marginally from 83 in spring 2008 to 78 in spring 2009. A total of 29 Asian students enrolled at the graduate/education specialist level in spring 2008 compared to 24 in spring 2009. Men account for 58% of Asian students enrolled at the graduate/education specialist level.
  • A total of 58 American-Indian students enrolled in spring 2009 compared to 47 students a year ago.
  • The campus saw reasonable growth in its international student population, which increased from 373 in spring 2008 to 406 in spring 2009, an increase of 9%.  Men are a majority among international students.
  • Total student credit hours increased from 115,781 in spring 2008 to 116,259 in spring 2009. An increase of 478 credit hours.
  •  At the undergraduate level, total student credit hours increased by 226 from 103,794 in spring 2008 to 104,020 in spring 2009. The average credit hours taken by undergraduate students decreased from 12.5 in spring 2008 to 12.2 in spring 2009.
  • At the graduate level, student credit hours increased from 11,987 in spring 2008 to 12,240 in spring 2009. The average credit hours taken by graduate students increased slightly from 5.7 in spring 2008 to 5.9 in spring 2009.

  • Full-time students comprise 65% of total enrollment in spring 2009, compared to 67% in spring 2008.  Seventy-five percent of undergraduate students are full-time.
  • Total credit hours generated at UCM Lee’s Summit Center increased from 3,276 in spring 2008 to 4,492 in spring 2009, an increase of 1,216 credit hours, or 37%, over last spring. The number of classes offered significantly increased from 87 in 2008 to 122 in spring 2009, up 40% over last spring.
  • The number of full-time equivalent (FTE) students, a measure of credit hour taken at the undergraduate level, increased from 6,920 in spring 2008 to 6,935 in spring 2009. Total graduate FTE enrollment increased from 999 in spring 2008 to 1,020 in spring 2009.  Twenty-four percent of graduate students are full-time students.

This enrollment analysis provides an overview for the UCM campus as of spring 2009 Census date.  Five-year reports for student demographics and credit hour enrollment by college and department are published in the university’s annual Fact Book. The Office of Institutional Research welcomes your comments.