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Meeting and Conference Services

Elliott Union 301
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4342


Solicitation Policy

Solicitation is defined as: the distributing of promotional materials for events; the selling of goods or services; the taking of orders or collecting of money from anyone other than members of a sponsoring organization; collecting ideas or opinions in surveys, petitions or other formats; distributing political information or the spreading of religious beliefs.

Solicitation on campus must be conducted according to the following guidelines:

  • Solicitation and the distribution of promotional materials must take place in designated hall table locations on campus. Distribution of promotional materials includes but is not limited to handing out fliers, distributing informational material or giving away promotional items.
  • Reservations for hall tables must be made by completing an event registration form through MACS in Elliott Union 307, and can be reached at 660-543-4342.
  • Solicitation should have the primary objective of serving students rather than making a profit.
  • Any form of solicitation should not interfere with educational activities.
  • Solicitation of ideas, petitions or surveys should be in good taste and should not be disruptive.
  • Selling goods and products may be conducted on campus in designated hall table locations if such is not in competition with products or services offered by the university.
  • Campus groups will be given first priority for space usage or rental.
  • All solicitation must comply with state and federal regulations.
  • Solicitation of funds from any individual or group should not hinder or compete with the fundraising efforts of the Office of University Development, the UCM Foundation or the Athletic Department.

All solicitation with the exception of petitions must be registered in MACS in Elliott Union 307 one week in advance of the designated activity. Specific approval for solicitation in various locations on the campus must be obtained according to the information below:

  • University Housing: Solicitation must be approved by the Office of University Housing located in Ellis Hall. Solicitation will be restricted to designated public areas.
  • Elliott Union: Selling items and merchandise or the solicitation of goods, including credit cards, by registered campus organizations, businesses or individuals is prohibited except by authorization and sponsorship by the University Store or Elliott Union. Authorization could include a 15 percent commission to be paid to the University Store, and any sales subject to sales tax are the responsibility of the seller. Bake sales are prohibited in the Elliott Union. Reservations must be made through MACS.
  • West Fields and Outdoor Facilities: Solicitation in outdoor areas will only be permitted in designated areas. Approval must be obtained from MACS.
  • Multipurpose Building/Audrey J. Walton Stadium and Vernon Kennedy Field: Approval for solicitation must be obtained from the athletic director, assistant athletic director for facilities and event management (located in the Multipurpose Building). The sale of goods or products must not interfere with normal building activities and are restricted to special activity days, special events or sporting events. Soliciting groups must be registered campus organizations.
  • Pertle Springs: Approval must be obtained from the athletic director. Solicitation in outdoor areas will be permitted only during special activity days or events, such as Homecoming, music contests, etc.


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