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Award winners graphic
Two university of Central Missouri students receive $5,000 scholarships in the Department of Nutrition and Kinesiology
Brian Hughes UCM Athletic Training Education program
Nick University of Central Missouri Physical Education major


Employment Opportunities

Since the field of dietetics is the high-tech science of applying food and nutrition to health, it is a vital, growing field open to many directions and opportunities. Health, nutrition, and fitness have become a way of life. People are eager to learn about eating right for a healthier lifestyle and learning about good nutrition. This means increased opportunities in the field of dietetics and nutrition including but not limited to working in the following areas:

  • Hospitals, HMOs or other healthcare facilities
  • Community and public health settings
  • Fitness, sports nutrition and corporate wellness programs
  • Education and research
  • Sales, marketing and public relations
  • Government work
  • Restaurant management
  • Food companies
  • Private practice

The direction you take, and how far you take it, is your choice!