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Elliott Union 217
Warrensburg, MO 64093
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The LEAD (Leadership. Education. Advocacy. Development) Series are designed to help students reach their full leadership potential, learn how to use leadership skills in their own lives, and to better assist their student organizations. With presentations by a variety of national speakers and campus professionals, there's bound to be something you or your organizations are interested in! While some sessions may be designed for student organizations, all students are welcome to attend the LEAD Series regardless of involvement level!

LEAD Speaker Series Upcoming Events


SPRING 2015:


LEADERSHIP WEEK: Take the Leadership Challenge
Take the Leadership Challenge and attend several LEAD Speakers this week

Leadership Week Topics and Workshops


Great Leaders of the Past      30 Mar 2015        3:00 PM          UN236

Mason Wirsig and Rachel Bax


What can we learn from the some of the world’s great historical leaders? How have these “greats” demonstrated each of the 5 Exemplary Leadership Practices: Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act, and Encourage the Heart?


Please join us to learn about leaders of the past and how we can all be leaders today!


Encourage the Heart             30 Mar 2015        6:00 PM          UN235                                     

Sean McEwan and Jessie Watkins


How do you recognize the contributions of your team and show that you believe in them? Team members and direct reports react differently to types of encouragement, how do you find the right type for them? How will you encourage the heart in your career? 


Join us to take a closer look at how leaders encourage the heart to inspire courage and hope in others. 


Look Before You LEAD        31 Mar 2015        3:00 PM          UN236

Micah Melling and Charles Brassfield


Making proper preparations and becoming organized is an essential process before taking on any leadership role. How do we adequately prepare ourselves to lead others? What kinds of preparations and organization skills do we need to be efficient leaders? As leaders, how do we change our leadership strategies based on our audience?


Please join us for this activity-based workshop focused on preparation and organization before taking on the role as the leader.


Enable Others to Act             31 Mar 2015        5:00 PM          UN236

Amanda Bonacchi and Ashlyn Godfrey


Enabling constituents to take action is very important to build credibility as a leader. How do you ensure that you foster collaboration in today’s workforce? How do we, as leaders, strengthen others in order to build our own effectiveness as leader?


Please join us for this activity-based workshop focused on getting work done through others!


Model the Way                          1 Apr 2015        4:00 PM          UN236

Anessia Homan and Erin Cooper


Challenge the Process           1 Apr 2015        7:00 PM          UN219

Kellie Carrender and Jordan Eilers


Does challenging the process have to be a challenge? Is there a clear connection between challenge and change? How can you, as a leader, seize the initiative to change the way things are?


Please join us for this activity-based workshop designed to help you become a thoughtful agent of challenge!



Leadership and Passion        2 Apr 2015        3:00 PM          UN235

Marquis Atkins * & Miranda Cooper


How does passion for your job and career push you to work hard for your company? Do you feel that having passion can drive you to become a better leader? When you think of the qualities a good leader should have, do you feel that passion should be included?


Please join us for a look at how encouraging the heart builds passion as a driving factor!




April 28, 4pm
Leadership Reception with Keynote Speaker Jenise Comer
Join the end of year Leadership Reception, get some free food, and hear keynote speaker Jenise Comer speak