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Triwizard Tournament at UCM
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The Spotlight
commencement information


The Spotlight Executive Board



The President oversees all meetings and programming hosted by Spotlight and attends Student Government meetings


Adam Benson


Vice President of Operations

VP of Operations takes minutes at all meetings, distributes and maintains program folders, and prepares agendas


Ashley Flerlage


Vice President of Marketing


VP of Marketing promotes all Spotlight events through print advertising and social media, leads marketing efforts for Fun Before Finals, and assists coordinators with marketing ideas


Tyler Shepard  


Vice President of Membership


VP of Membership recruits future members of The Spotlight, keeps attendance record of VIP meetings and Spotlight events, and plans fun activities at VIP meetings


Megan Ford


Comedy Coordinator


Comedy is responsible for programming all aspects of comedians, improv troupes, hypnotists, etc, keeping the ideals of multiculturalism and humor in mind when deciding on acts.


Carrie Calovich


Mules After Dark Coordinator(s)


Mules After Dark (MAD) is responsible for the planning and development of programs which encourage positive leisure after and between the hours of

8 p.m. – 1 a.m. on weeknights and weekends.

Skyler Marner







Heather Mynatt 







Seth Franz


Ideas and Issues Coordinator


Ideas and Issues is responsible for programming all educational and cultural programs that include lectures, speeches, or other such formats.


Michelle Castelli


Pride and Traditions Coordinator


Pride and Traditions is responsible for the creation of programs related to UCM Pride including athletics or academics. In addition, this coordinator will plan events related to Homecoming, Family Weekend, and Spring Fling.

Jon Barr


Recreation and Leisure Coordinator


Recreation and Leisure is responsible for all events that involve novelty acts, games, special trips, and other events that do not fit into conventional categories.

Preston Billingsley