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Achieving Independence

Achieving Independence

For many students, college is the first experience in managing all the details of their daily schedule, work schedule and financial matters. You can help your son or daughter learn to handle these adult responsibilities by:

  • Encouraging them to participate in any application for financial aid.

  • Suggesting they create a file exclusively for important college papers such as report cards, notes made during an advising appointment, payment receipts, award notifications and copies of submitted financial aid forms.

  • Reinforcing the importance of writing down the name and phone number of whoever helps them. This is important when a follow-up call becomes necessary.

  • Encouraging them to make their own dental, medical or other appointments. This teaches them how to make calls, negotiate dates and times, and most importantly, how to ask for help if information is unclear.

  • Reinforcing that they are totally responsible for following dates and deadlines and for managing their affairs. Helping your son or daughter develop good personal management habits in the first semester will increase his or her confidence and will teach the skills necessary to be a successful adult.

Plan Ahead

On-Campus Tuition / Credit Hour

Missouri Resident
Undergraduate: $213.15
Graduate: $276.25
Undergraduate: $426.30
Graduate: $552.50

Please see our cost calculator for more information.