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Timeline for Transition

Here are some issues your student might face, based on our experience:

Summer before leaving

  • Anxiety over preparing to leave
  • Efforts to see friends “one last time”
  • May be unusually moody
  • Impatience, readiness to leave

Leaving home and first few weeks

  • Enthusiasm and excitement
  • “I’m an adult” testing of limits
  • “Bungee” calls or trips back home 
  • Difficulty making friends/loneliness

Mid semester

  • Roommate conflicts
  • Professors are so unfair (mid-terms)
  • Still dating girlfriend/boyfriend back home
  • Making adult decisions, some good, some ….

End of first semester

  • Nervous about finals
  • Ready to come home, yet not eager to leave friends
  • May still be laundry challenged
  • Walks in your door a different person 

Winter break

  • Loves being home, eats everything
  • Chafes at old rules
  • Gets bored even more easily
  • Finds your 10 p.m. bedtime very quaint

Start of second semester

  • Cannot get here soon enough
  • Anxiety or relief over academic performance
  • Begins having doubts about old girlfriend/boyfriend

Mid second semester

  • Vaguely remembers boyfriend/girlfriend back home
  • Excited or down about spring break
  • Thinking about roommates for next year
  • More comfortable with school schedule

End of second semester

  • Comfortable with social network
  • Thinking about major/career choices
  • Needs summer job
  • Mixed emotions about coming home for summer

Plan Ahead

On-Campus Tuition / Credit Hour

Missouri Resident
Undergraduate: $213.15
Graduate: $276.25
Undergraduate: $426.30
Graduate: $552.50

Please see our cost calculator for more information.