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University of Central Missouri Police

The Police division is the largest of the four Public Safety divisions and consists of 18 trained, full-time, state certified peace officers, most of whom hold bachelor’s degrees or higher in criminal justice administration or other related fields. Officers are commissioned by the Warrensburg Police Department and by the University as state peace officers. Central’s Department of Public Safety has primary responsibility for all law enforcement and safety on the campus and works closely with the Warrensburg Police Department, Johnson County Sheriff’s Department, and Missouri State Highway Patrol. Officers are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

The Police division also has the Student Assistant Foot patrol and Escort (SAFE) Team, which is a group of uniformed student employees who patrol the campus on foot at night to help deter crime and provide a walking escort from building exit to building entrance or parking areas. The SAFE Team is in operation seven nights per week during the regular academic year when the University is in session. To request a SAFE Team escort during the hours of 8:00 p.m. and 3:30 a.m. dial (660) 543-4123 and a SAFE Team member will be dispatched to walk you wherever you wish to go on campus.

The Police division is supported with a full-time dispatching center which handles all emergency and non-emergency incoming calls to the Department of Public Safety.

Reporting a Crime

Numerous efforts are made to encourage the university community to report crime. Crimes can be reported in any of the following manners:

  • Campus 911 (emergencies only).

  • The Department of Public Safety phone number, 660-543-4123. All phone lines are answered 24 hours daily.

  • In person at the Public Safety building, located at 306 Broad.

  • Text Message to 660-422-2632 (For situations where it is not easy to make a phone call).
  • Public Safety offers the option to send a text message to 660-422-2632. This service is not a replacement for calling Public Safety. A text message can be sent if you are in a situation where making a phone call would be difficult.

  • Campus Eye: The Campus Eye app is available for students, faculty and staff to report pertinent information directly to public safety and campus facilities personnel.

    The free, downloadable app features the ability to create a note describing the safety or security incident. Users may also take or attach a picture of the incident. The app automatically detects the location of the user and creates a map with a pin drop of the user's exact location. All content sent to respective college departments includes the sender's name and phone number along with the date and time of each report. Other app features let users set personal attributes, like if they are deaf and hard of hearing, visually impaired, or require the use of a wheelchair.

  • To Report Anonymous Information Concerning Crimes use our Tips Information Form
  • The Tips Information Form is used to report crimes that are not an immediate threat to the University community in an anonymous manner, if you choose, for follow up investigation.  If you are reporting a serious crime that may cause an ongoing threat to the University community then immediately contact the Department of Public Safety by telephone at 660-543-4123 to discuss the matter further.


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