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Sexual Rights and Responsibilities

Women should know.. you have the right to

  • dress as you please
  • agree to have sex with someone and then change your mind at any time.
  • be treated with respect at all times.

You have the responsibility to

  • talk openly and honestly about your sexual expectations, wishes and intentions
  • assert yourself by standing up for your rights
  • take an equal role in your relationships with men
  • reject sexual stereotypes that define women as passive, weak, and irrational.

Men should know.. you do not have the right to pressure or force a woman to have sex, even if

  • you paid for her dinner or a night out
  • you've had sex with her before
  • she agrees to have sex with you, then changes her mind
  • she dresses provocatively, flirts, or "comes on" to you
  • you met her at a bar or picked her up hitchhiking
  • you think women enjoy being forced to have sex or want to be persuaded.
ASK FIRST! That is the only way you know if you have consent.

Report a Crime

Emergency - 911

Public Safety - 660-543-4123

Warrensburg Police Department - 660-747-9134

Johnson County Sheriffs Department - 660-747-5511