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Department of Psychological Science

Lovinger 1111
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4185

Research Talks

Dr. Vicki Silvers-Gier presenting researchThe UCM Department of Psychological Science sponsors a series of research presentations during the fall and spring semesters. The presentations may include student research, faculty research, thesis presentations, or other topics that are related to research, such as how to prepare for a professional conference. If you are interested in presenting, please contact David Kreiner.

Videos of the presentations are generally available for viewing within a week after the presentation. If you would like to get credit in a course for attending or viewing a presentation, please check with your instructor about whether you can earn those points by watching the video and about whether anything in addition is required in order to earn credit in that course for attending. Some videos from previous semesters are available at the bottom of this page.

Speakers and topics will be added as the information becomes available. All presentations will be 3:30-4:30 p.m. in Lovinger 1290 unless otherwise noted.


September 4 Chase Tryon

When There is No Clock: Contextual Change in Relation to Time-Based Prospective Memory
Link to Video

September 18 Cancelled Cancelled

October 2

Duane Lundervold

The Relevance of Principles of Behavior to Clinical Psychology and Counseling: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder-A Controlled Case Example

October 16 Teresa Rodgers


October 30 Chaelah Jenkins TBA
November 13 TBA TBA


Spring 2014 Presentations

February 6 David Kreiner and Tina Walker

Predicting Course Grades from Attendance
link to video

February 20 Amber Hinton-Dampf Absent Father-Daughter Relationship and Teen Pregnancy
link to video

March 27

Angel Munoz

Habit Strength Correlates with Neuroticism and Negative Prospective Memory Errors under Divided Attention

April 10 Katie Hammond

Perceived Effectiveness and Use of Effective Study Methods by College Students
link to video


Fall 2013 Presentations

September 5 Leroy McDermott

Self-Representation in the European Upper Paleolithic and its relevance for Contemporary Body Image Research
link to video

September 19 Kuntala Parama Cognitive Aspects of Code-Switching
link to video
October 17 Heather Ventura Escapism Through Activity Engagement: An Examination of Escapism Modes and Psychological Factors
link to video
October 31 Rachel Kopp Effectiveness of Habit Reversal Intervention on Body Focused Repetitive Behavior
link to video
November 14 Jennifer Seeley Handedness as a Predictor of Startle Response Reflexes Following Unanticipated Driving Events
link to video


Spring 2013 Presentations

January 31 David Kreiner

Demonstrating the Concept of a Neural Circuit
(Link to Video)

February 14 Kirstie Bash Student Perceptions of Study Time
(Link to Video)
February 28 Angel Munoz Why Do People Choke Under Pressure?
(Link to Video)
March 14 David Kreiner Great Plains Information Session, Lovinger 1160, UCM Only (Not available for UCM Sona Credits)
March 28 Hailie Leahy Executive Functions Associated with Brodmann Area 10 in Human Frontal Lobe: A Review
(Link to Video)
April 11 Alisha Drake The Genetics, Physiology, and Behavior Implications of MAO
(Link to Video)


Fall 2012 Presentations

September 5 Charlotte Thomson

Relationship of Near-Point Lateral Posture Vision Deficits to Personality
(Link to video)

September 19 Kirstie Bash Operationalizing Student Motivations into Practical Categories
(Link to video)
October 3 Vicki Gier and David Kreiner

Whys and Hows of the Undergraduate Research Experience
(Link to video)

October 17 Elizabeth Lefler ADHD Stigma Among College Students (Link to video)
October 31 Steve Schuetz, Heather Ventura, Bekka Wolfgeher, Anthony Littrell, and Alicia Chandler Bad for Me, Bad for My Planet: A Qualitative Exploration of Individual Choices to Consume Fast Food
(Link to video)
November 14 Clifford Sosis Depression and Happiness- An Apt-Analogy