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Earn your Psychology degree at UCM - Lee's Summit

Designed for busy, career-driven students, UCM offers a B.A. in Psychology completion program at UCM - Lee's Summit.

Testimonial about the B.S. in Psychology degree at UCM

"I chose Psychology at UCM because of the real-life aspect of the program and the technology in it."
- Madeline Cramer, B.A. in Psychology alumna

Testimonial about the B.S. in Psychology degree at UCM

"I've been able to experience on-the-job training while assisting Dr. Lundervold in the Behavioral Medicine Lab."
- Amy Garcia, B.S. in Psychology graduate and current Psychology graduate student

Testimonial about the B.A. in Psychology degree at UCM

"I've been able to apply what I've learned in my classes to the real world and many of my other classes."
- Sara Thomas, B.A. in Psychology graduate and current Criminal Justice graduate student

Testimonial about the B.A. in Psychology degree at UCM

"The psychology professors at UCM were more than willing to be mentors. They genuinely cared about my goals and success."
- Brittany Echols, B.A. in Psychology alumna

Applied Behavior Analysis Certificate

Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis Students Attending 2015 Kansas ABA Conference

Purpose of the Certificate Program
The certificate program prepares students to be Board Certified Associate Behavior Analysts. There is a high demand for individuals with this credential. Completion of the certificate satisfies the educational requirements to sit for the BC(A)BA national exam. Passing the exam is necessary to become a BC(A)BA.

About Board Certified Associate Behavior Analysts
BACB Guidelines for Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder (provides information about what behavior analysts do)

Student Learning Outcomes

Admission Requirements

Application Form

Field Experience Application

Field Experience Sites

Certificate Requirements

PSY 1100 General Psychology 3
PSY 2130 Learning 3
PSY 4010 Intro to Applied Behavior Analysis 3
PSY 4200 Applied Behavior Analysis with Children 3
PSY 4730 Cognitive and Behavioral Intervention 3
PSY 4750 Field Experience 3
One Elective from the following
PSY 2220 Child Psychology 3
PSY 3220 Life-Span Development 3
PSY 4140 Psychology of Human Sexuality 3
PSY 4230 Psychology of Adolescence 3
PSY 4240 Psychology of Aging 3
PSY 4440 Abnormal Psychology 3
PSY 4540 Intro to Counseling Psychology 3
Total Hours for Certificate 21

  • To remain a candidate for the Certificate in ABA, a grade of “B” or higher must be obtained for all core and elective classes. The practicum must be completed with a “Pass” grade.
  • All required courses must be taken at UCM. A maximum of three units of transfer credit for elective courses only may be applied toward the Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis.
  • Courses taken toward the undergraduate certificate program may be applied to a UCM Bachelor of Science or Arts degree as a general elective or major elective course.
  • A maximum of nine units of core course work from the undergraduate certificate may be used to fulfill major course requirements for a UCM Bachelor of Science or Arts degree.