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Earn your Psychology degree at UCM - Lee's Summit
Testimonial about the B.S. in Psychology degree at UCM
Testimonial about the B.A. in Psychology degree at UCM

Advice on Graduate School


  • Apply early. Learn about application deadlines for financial aid, fellowships, and assistantships. Also, make sure you are a good match with the program.
  • Ask for letters of recommendation early, at least two months in advance. If a professor doesn’t know you well, don’t ask him/her for a letter.
  • Have statements of purpose proofread. There is nothing worse than a spelling/grammatical error in a document that is representative of you.
  • Prepare for the GRE. Most programs have a minimum score as a requirement so it is never too early to start studying. Also, as a computer based exam, the testing will go much smoother the more practice you have.
  • Start working on your vitae. This represents your professional growth and development and good vitae is an effective way to soar above other applicants.
  • If you are interested in applying to the graduate program at UCM, drop by the office (Lovinger 1111). Also, Graduate Assistantships include a scholarship to cover instructional fees and a monthly stipend. Apply early!