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Changes to Your Financial Assistance

All financial assistance awarded to you is designated for a specific award period, such as a 9-month academic year. However, these type(s) and amount(s) of aid sometimes have to be revised (or even canceled) for reasons such as:

  • receiving additional (or revised) assistance that the UCM Office of Student Financial Services was not aware of at the time you were originally awarded. Examples include, but are not limited to Access Missouri grant assistance, non-UCM scholarship aid, ROTC and Vocational Rehabilitation benefits, etc.

  • failure to enroll for or attend the number of credit hours required for disbursement of funds from a specific aid program.

  • a change in living arrangements, particularly if you decide to reside with a parent, stepparent or other adult relative (rather than living independently) while attending UCM.

  • an unexpected shortfall in program funding provided to UCM by the federal government or the state of Missouri.

  • erroneous or inaccurate responses discovered on any document required as part of the financial aid application process.

  • receiving federal financial assistance form UCM and another college or university for the same semester.

  • failure to provide required documents or clarifying information requested by the Office of Student Financial Services.

  • being classified (or re-classified) a 'visiting or non-degree' student at UCM.

  • failure to meet the UCM Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress.

If the types and/or amounts of financial assistance you've been awarded must be changed, information about the change will be posted at your MyCentral Portal as quickly as possible by the UCM Office of Student Financial Services.

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