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Your Responsibilities


  • To qualify for federal, state, and other financial aid, you must attend the classes you enroll for. If you withdraw from UCM (or stop attending your classes) you may be required to repay some (or even all) of the federal assistance that was credited to your UCM account for the semester.

  • You're responsible for paying your educational and living expenses. When you enroll for classes at UCM, you're agreeing to pay all of your charges, whether or not you've applied for or been awarded financial assistance. If you're not awarded the amounts of aid you were expecting, lose eligibility for one or more types of assistance, or fail to meet all aid eligibility requirements, you must still pay any outstanding balance due UCM.

  • The total amount of financial aid you may receive is not unlimited. Following are the kinds of considerations used to determine your total eligibility for assistance:

    1. your assigned federal Cost of Attendance at the University of Central Missouri.

    2. your grade level (freshman, sophomore, etc.), which is determined according to the number of credit hours you've earned, not the number of semesters you've attended college.

    3. the annual and lifetime Federal Stafford Loan borrowing limits established by the federal government.

    4. for scholarship consideration, your composite ACT or SAT score, as well as your academic performance in high school, at the University of Central Missouri, or at the college/university from which you may be transferring.

  • Applying for assistance is an annual process. Be sure to complete and submit your FAFSA in February or March prior to each school year you wish to receive assistance. For example, the University of Central Missouri FAFSA application priority date for the 2015/2016 school year is April 1, 2015. This means you must submit your 2015/2016 FAFSA by April 1, 2015 in order to be classified a 'priority' applicant. By so doing, you'll be considered for all of the types of assistance for which funding is limited.

  • If you're awarded scholarships or benefits from any source after having been awarded federal and/or state assistance, you're required to promptly provide the UCM Office of Student Financial Services with information about the award(s).