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Student Organizations Event Request Form

As you fill out your request please consider the following:

- Fill out each section in its entirety. If you have more than one event to schedule, you must get completely out of the form and go back in.

- Provide as much information about your event in the appropriate sections. This allows us to provide you with the best service possible.

- Be careful when making your selections. The more prepared you are to fill out the form; the faster we will be able to process the request and make the reservation.

- Disclaimer: Student Organizations receive free use of space when not charging for their event or selling items at the event.

All events need to be scheduled at least 2 full days (no less than 48 hours) prior to the start of the event. Each event should have only one primary contact person. The person who booked the event and the president of the organization are the only two individuals who can make changes to an event or cancel it. All requests for changing an event must be submitted in writing to your designated event coordinator. Be sure to include the name and date for your event and the specific changes that you are requesting. Please make all changes at least 48 hours in advance. Last minute requests may be denied.

Student organizations are not allowed to advertise for their event before they have received a confirmation for their room from a M&CS Event Coordinator. If you are collecting any money for your event at all, including but not limited to admission fees, registration fees, and/or donations, your student organization will be required to pay for the use of the space and equipment. Collecting non-monetary items for charity is acceptable.

Our Gym Policy allows student organizations 3 hours of gym space a week for recurring practices. You can use all three hours on one day of the week or divide up the hours over two or three days, depending on gym availability. No university equipment may leave campus without the approval of M&CS.

As part of the new Campus Dining Contract, new options are now available to campus constituents. These options include elimination of food waivers and the introduction of a new “No-Frills Pick-up Catering Menu” which will allow food to be ordered through the residence halls or in the Union catering office. These items can be picked up resulting in significant savings. Waivers are no longer part of the process, but if you would like to request an exception to the policy please contact the office of Student Affairs; 543-4114 and they will reach a decision within 24 hours of receipt of the request.Clients can contact the Sodexo catering office 543-4440, stop by Union 108 or visit the dining manager in Ellis (543- 4018) or Westside Market located in Todd (543-4097), a minimum of 72 hours (to ensure menu selection) prior to your event and place your order. The “No-Frills Pick-up” Catering menu is not currently on the website, but you may direct them to the web site for additional information. Bake Sales are allowed in buildings that do not have a food service venue.

Student organizations are responsible for cancelling their event at least 48 hours in advance. Failure to cancel will be considered a no-show. The first no-show will result in a verbal warning. The second no show will result in a written warning to the person who booked the space, the president of the organization, and the advisor of the organization. After a third violation, your organization will lose event privileges for the remainder of the semester. Student organizations are not allowed to make reservations for non-sanctioned groups for any reason. If an organization does book an event for an outside group dishonestly, they will lose reservation privileges for the remainder of the year. This is a zero tolerance policy. If an event is taking place outdoors, a rain site and date should be secured at the time of the reservation. If a rain site and date has not been arranged, it is at the descretion of M&CS to cancel the event if university property, including fields and lawns are at risk of being damaged.

Student organizations sponsoring an event in a campus facility are responsible for the actions of the participants and for any damage to university property. The organization scheduling campus facilities will be held financially responsible for any special setup, clean-up, services, equipment, maintenance, or repair resulting from their event. All groups using campus facilities shall obey all published University of Central Missouri and Elliott Union policies, regulations, guidelines and laws.

Have you read and do you agree with the policies and procedures outlined above?* Yes    No   
Official Organization Name*
Contact Person*
Current Address*
Zip/Postal Code*
UCM Email Account *
Secondary Email Address

Event Information

Name of Event
Type of Event Single Event or Meeting
Recurring Meeting or Practice
Event Start Date*
Event End Date*
Event Start Time*
Event End Time*
How much time before the start of the event do you need for your setup and/or decorating?*
If you select other, please list days.
Estimated Attendance*
Will any money be collected or will you charge for this event? (Donations, Fundraising, Admission fees, etc)* Yes
Will any food be served at this event?* Yes
If you are serving food, you must go through Sodexo (543-4440).
Will any items be sold at this event? If yes you must obtain a bookstore waiver for signature.* Yes


Event Set-up

Please describe your event and how you will be using the space in as much detail as possible.*
What type of space(s) do you need?* Room in the Union
Residence Hall
Desired setup (select only one) Auditorium seating (rows of chairs facing head of room)
Conference seating (Tables arranged to create large rectangle shape with chairs on the outside perimeter)
Classroom seating (Eight foot tables with 4 chairs on the same side facing toward the head of the room)
Round table seating (8 chairs each)
AV only
How many people do you need seating for?*
Head Table with chairs for how many?
How many tables for food service?
Other Setup?-Please describe
Equipment Dry Erase board with markers
Flip chart with markers
Extension Cord
TableTop Podium
Floor Podium
Other Equipment needs?
Audio-Visual: Data projector w/screen
I-POD Connector
Laptop(must be checked out by client at Info desk prior to event)
Internet Connection
Access to student M: drive
Microphone on stand (enter number below)
Lapel microphone (enter number below)
TableTop microphone(s)(enter number below)
Number of lapels?
Will a movie be shown for your event?* Yes
If the movie is for educational purposes, then please list the title.
Number of Table Top microphones?
Number of microphones on stands?
Where in the room would you like the microphone stands?
Additional Audio-Visual needs or comments:
Please list special needs, special requests, and preferences here: