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Faculty and Staff Event Request Form

*All events need to be scheduled at least 2 full business days(no less than 48 hours)prior to the start of the event. If you have more than one event to schedule, do not just hit the back button. You must get out of the form completely and go back in.

-Fill out each section in its entirety and provide as much information as possible in order for us to provide you with the best service possible.

-Disclaimer: Campus departments receive free use of space as long as participants are not charged to attend and/or items are not sold at the event.


EVENT CATEGORIES: The Meeting and Conference Services Office is responsible for determining event categories, fee and charge schedules and to assess adequate fees and other charges to clients as needed in order to best serve the interests of the University. Users who misrepresent an event or affiliation in order to avoid fees and charges will be charged appropriately, may incur additional financial penalties, and may have reservation and use privileges suspended.

LAST MINUTE CHANGES All set up and audio-visual requests must be submitted no later than one business day prior to the event.

CANCELLATION A written cancellation notice must be submitted no later than one business day prior to the event. Cancellations submitted after this time period may be subject to cancellation fees.

USE OF SPACE: The use of all campus facilities and equipment for event purposes must be coordinated through the Meeting and Conference Services Office. Unauthorized use of space and equipment will not be supported by the University and may result in penalties and fines.

DECORATING: Nails, pins, tacks, glue guns, tape, glitter, or anything that might leave a residue behind are not permitted to be used to hang decorations in University facilities.

CANDLES: Candles are permitted, if used safely. The client will be responsible for any wax damage. It is recommended that either drip-less candles or candles in glass containers are used. Taper candles may be used if table decorations surrounding the candles are flame retardant.

STORAGE SPACE: Storage space is not provided as a service for Event. Any items, such as decorations, prizes, or food, for Event provided by the sponsoring organization, may not be delivered to University before the agreed upon decoration time. University will not be held responsible for the security of these items at any time.

UNIVERSITY POSTPONEMENT OR CANCELLATION OF EVENTS: For causes beyond its control, University may, in it’s sole discretion and with or without notice, postpone or cancel the event. In the event of postponement or cancellation pursuant to this Section, University shall have no liability for loss or damage or any kind incurred or claimed by client and/or any of the Additional Parties. All deposits will be refunded.

CLIENT RESPONSIBILITY Client acknowledges that as a state institution University is not responsible for accidents, injuries or losses of any kind suffered on our premises, even if negligent. Client assumes all risks and will defend and indemnify UCM against any and all claims related to this use of University's facility. As a state institution, University does not provide insurance coverage for individuals or groups participating in activities on this campus. Proof of insurance is based on an assessment of risk and the purpose of the event, among other factors.

ON-SITE PAGING: If you need to speak with an Event Coordinator during your event, you may call (660) 543-4342 at anytime.

Do you agree to the above Facilities Use Policy?* Yes    No   
Department Name:*
Contact person:*
Campus Phone:*
UCM Email Address:*

Event Information

Name of Event:*
Type of Event* Single Event or Meeting
Recurring Meeting
Event Start Date (m/d/yyyy):*
Event End Date (m/d/yyyy):*
Event Start Time:(do not use periods in am and pm)*
Event End Time:(do not use periods in am and pm)*
How much time before the start of the event do you need for your setup and/or decorating?:*
Will any money be collected or will you be charging for this event?(Donations, Fundraising, Admission fees, etc) If yes, submit your budget number below.* Yes    No   
Are you partnering with an outside organization? If yes, enter your budget number below.* Yes    No   
Budget Number: (must submit if you answered yes to either of the last two questions.
Will any food be served at this event?* Yes    No   
If you are serving food, you must go through Sodexo (543-4440).
Will any items be sold at this event? If yes, you must obtain a bookstore waiver for signature. Forms are located in UN 301:* Yes    No   

All waivers must be turned into the Meeting and Conference Services Office for approval.

Event Set-up: Please describe your event and how you will be using the space in as much detail as possible:*
What type of space(s) do you need?:* Room in the Union
Desired setup:* Auditorium Seating(rows of chairs facing head of room)
Conference Seating(Tables arranged to create large rectangle shape with chairs on the outside perimeter)
Classroom Seating(Eight foot tables with 4 chairs on the same side facing the head of room)
Round table seating(8 chairs each)
How many people do you need seating for?:*
Head table with chairs for how many?:*
How many tables for food service?:*
List any additional tables/chairs needed(type none if no more are needed):*
Equipment: Dry erase board with markers
Flip chart with markers
Extension cord
Floor podium
TableTop podium
Will a movie be shown for your event? Yes
If the movie is for educational purposes, then please list the title.
Audio-Visual: Data projector w/screen
CD/cassette player
Laptop(must be checked out by client at Info desk prior to event)
Wireless Internet
Network connection/access to department drive
Microphone on podium
Lapel microphone(enter number below)
TableTop microphone(enter number below)
Microphone on stand(enter number below)
Number of lapels?
Number of Table Top microphones?
Number of microphones on stands?
Where in the room would you like the microphones on stands?
List any additional needs:
Will you be bringing a laptop?* Yes    No   
If yes, is it a PC or Mac?