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2014 EPSA Conference- Program Proposal Form

UCM EPSA Conference 2014 Saturday, November 8, 2014, Elliott Student Union

The program will include, 30 minute sessions in morning and 40 minute sessions in afternoon after lunch. Once the program proposal has been received, a detailed confirmation letter will be mailed to you. Thank you for your interest in promoting careers in higher education and student affairs!

Direct questions to Heidi Thuesen at

1. Name*
2. Campus Address
3. Phone*
4. Email*
5. Session Title*
6. Session Description*
7. Learning Objectives for Session: (What do you want the participants to know or beable to do after they attend your program?)

The following questions are intended to determine your room 'set-up' needs.

8. T-stands or easels (list amount)
9. Do you need TV/VCR/DVD?
10. Do you need Internet access?
Yes    No   
11. Additional needs
12. Would you like to assist with the following:
Mock Interviews
Resume Critique
13. Would you like to attend the networking lunch?


14. Other comments or questions