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Please use Google Docs (forms) for new surveys. You can still access your existing surveys here.

Simple Form & Survey Builder v2.2

What is Simple Form & Survey Builder?
Simple Form & Survey Builder is an online tool that you can use to create web-based surveys, forms, and evaluations. You do not have to know any HTML (web) coding. All survey questions and answers are added to your survey through your web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Netscape. The software should work on both Windows and Macintosh computers.

Who can create surveys with Simple Form & Survey Builder?
Anyone with a Central network ID can create online surveys. Simply log in at and complete the request form. Once your permissions have been set you'll be able to manage as many online surveys as you like. Before conducting surveys please check UCM's Human Subjects guidelines.

Simple Form & Survey Builder Features

Version 1.0 (7/14/05)

  • View survey results online
  • Disaggregate survey results
  • Download survey results
  • Unlimited responses per survey
  • Survey users remain anonymous
  • Prevent multiple submissions by same person*
  • Surveys can be limited to specific group of users**
  • Long surveys can be broken into multiple pages
  • Survey management accessed with UCM network ID
  • Multiple users can manage same survey
  • Library of common rating scales available
  • Copy Surveys
  • Customized confirmation/thank you message
  • Turn survey on/off easily
  • Survey design matches standard UCM template
  • Easy to reorder/reorganize questions
  • Choice of radio buttons, checkboxes, or dropdowns when using rating scales

Version 1.2 (7/26/05)

  • Option of having results e-mailed

Version 1.3 (7/27/05)

  • Added layout flexibility

Version 1.4

  • Validation of e-mail addresses
  • Preview multi-page surveys without submitting

Version 1.5 (8/15/05)

  • Move forms from Form Builder to Survey Builder

Version 1.6 (9/22/05)

  • Printable Version of Survey
  • Selects marked for reuse are user-dependent rather than survey dependent
  • Survey creator can choose to allow multiple submissions by same individual

Version 1.7 (4/18/06)

  • Survey manager can assign "View Results Only" permission to specific users
  • Validation of date fields

Version 2.0 (5/18/06)

  • Improved efficiency & speed of data inserts and generation of .txt result files
  • Users can organize surveys into folders

Version 2.1 (2/14/07)

  • List of Majors updated to match those in Banner

Version 2.2 (8/26/2010)

  • Added ability to download results to Excel in format that can be imported into SPSS

*Surveys that require login can limit multiple submissions effectively. Multiple submissions on open surveys cannot be prevented in all cases.

**Users must have a Central network ID.