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School of Technology

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Student Outcomes


The focus of the Construction Management program is to provide a nationally accredited program of study designed to provide the technical, managerial, and general education needs of those desiring to enter or continue in a construction related professional career. The following outcomes and competencies have been developed through several inputs including advisory boards (see agendas and meeting minutes), accrediting agencies (ATMAE and ACCE), employer recommendations, student exit assessment (exit survey, comprehensive exit exam, and student outcome confidence scale) and comments from alumni and internship visits. The outcomes and specific competencies of the Construction Management program are listed below.

OUTCOME #1 Communication Skills
a. apply oral communication skills
b. apply written communication skills
c. apply graphic communications skills
d. practice appropriate listening skills

OUTCOME #2 Technical Skills
a. utilize appropriate word-processing skills
b. utilize appropriate spreadsheets skills
c. utilize appropriate database skills
d. implement electronic information sources
e. apply electronic data processing

OUTCOME #3 Scientific Skills
a. apply mathematical principles to the CM process
b. apply physical principles to materials of construction
c. implement efficient methods to the construction practices

OUTCOME #4 Management/Marketing Concepts and Skills
a. apply current principles of business management
b. apply appropriate cost accounting principles
c. apply current economic principles to the interpretation of contracts
d. build accepted values for implementing the team-building concept
e. practice the Construction Code of Conduct

OUTCOME #5 Construction Materials and Methods
a. apply the CSI fifty division specification system
b. understand the science and mechanics of materials
c. apply the appropriate methods and construction processes

OUTCOME #6 Estimating and Cost Control
a. complete the estimating process
b. utilize the cost accounting sequence
c. apply the bidding sequence necessary for job acquisition

OUTCOME #7 Interpretation of Construction Plans
a. perform a quantity take-off
b. interpret construction specifications
c. identify appropriate building codes
d. evaluate site conditions
e. apply value-engineering principles
f. develop project proposals

OUTCOME #8 Construction Budgeting
a. complete cost control processes
b. establish a construction budget
c. prepare cost reports
d. forecast construction expenditures

OUTCOME #9 Schedule and Control Techniques
a. prepare a complete construction project schedule
b. develop a procurement timetable
c. establish a project manual
d. plan for logical sequence activities
e. utilize time duration to monitor progress
f. update schedules

OUTCOME #10 Construction Safety
a. execute construction safety standards
b. interpret OSHA, EPA, and DNR standards
c. establish safety and health procedures for the job site
d. perform accepted handling hazardous materials practices
e. perform process analysis

OUTCOME #11 Construction Surveying and Project Layout
a. practice acceptable land surveying principles
b. identify distance and elevations from known points
c. layout a project in accordance with plot plans
d. interpret site information
e. interpret local building criteria

OUTCOME #12 Project Administration
a. identify appropriate CM principles for project administration
b. interpret shop drawings
c. evaluate vendor and subcontractor data
d. evaluate subcontractor bids and agreements
e. write field purchase orders
f. write and interpret change orders
g. evaluate as built drawings
h. prepare daily logs, journals, and diaries
i. prepare construction reports
j. prepare progress reports
k. prepare payment requests
l. understand contractual law
m. document construction activities