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Learn about UCM scholarships for School of Technology students.

School of Technology

Grinstead Building, Room 009
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4439
Fax: 660.543.4578
Email: Dr. Doug Koch


Scarves and Ties $40.00 each

Now accepting credit card payments. Click the link below to be directed to our store front for orders and payment.


The Fashion and Apparel Merchandising program at the University of Central Missouri prepares students for a business-related career in the fashion/textile industry.  The program enables the students to pursue their educational, business, technical, and career goals successfully.
Career opportunities for graduates range from employment with large companies to being a self-employed merchant. Many graduates find positions at fashion industries, department stores, and other retail outlets.  Graduates hold positions such as store managers, buyers, fashion representatives, fashion coordinators, visual merchandisers, and fashion editors.
The Bachelor of Science degree provides students with a major that includes a theoretical foundation as well as hands-on experience in laboratory settings.  This program requires a combination of specific fashion, textiles, and business courses with general university studies. 
Emphasis is on national and international markets through classroom instruction to include the use of current textbooks and up-to-date materials.  Requirements of this degree include an internship experience, a working practicum experience, and numerous laboratory experiences, which broadens employability.
The Fashion & Apparel Merchandising area offers a Fashion Merchandising Minor for students who want to enhance a bachelor's degree.  Specific textile and apparel courses and departmentally approved electives are combined to fulfill the minor requirements of 21 semester hours of credit.  Students have the flexibility to select electives that will best fit their program objectives.
For a complete list of current student scholarship opportunities available through the UCM Foundation within the School of Technology, please click the link to the right. The deadline for most scholarships is March 1st for the next academic calendar year
For more information please contact us:
Program Coordinator:
Dr. Lynn Alkire
Campus: 660-543-4202
Fax: 660-543-4578

Fashion Faculty:
Melissa Abner

Keli Geisendorfer

FAME Student Experience

Fashion and Apparel Merchandising program outcomes may be found here.