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School of Technology

Grinstead Building, Room 009
Warrensburg, MO 64093
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Electronics Technology Minor for a Bachelor's Degree

These are the required courses for the Electronics Technology  Minor for a Bachelor's Degree at the University of Central Missouri. Current or prospective UCM students should contact the program coordinator for further information or guidance.

Minor course requirements:  
Area 1  
ET       1026 DC Circuit Analysis 4
ET       1027 AC Circuit Analysis 4
ET       1050 Digital Principles & Applications  4
ET       2048 Active Electronic Devices 4
MATH 1112 College Trigonometry, 2 or  
INDT   1042 Technical Mathematics, 3 2-3
Upper-level electives in electronics technology 4
Area 2  
NET    1060 Introduction to Networking 3
NET    1061 Routers & Router Basics 3
NET    2060 Switching Basics & Intermediate Routing 3
NET    2061 WAN Technologies 3
NET    4060 Advanced Network Routing 3
NET    4061 Remote Access 3
NET    4062 Advance Switching 3
NET    4063 Network Support  3
Electronics Technology minor for a bachelor's degree 22-24 hours

Central does not confer teacher certification for this minor.
See the current catalog for a complete statement of academic policies, leveling, and prerequisites.

Electronics Technology Minor
Program Coordinator: Mr. Rich Lacy
Campus: 660-543-4032
Fax: 660-543-4431