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Title IX

The University of Central Missouri (UCM) believes that all students should have the opportunity to learn in an educational environment free from discrimination. Sexual harassment of students, including sexual violence and other forms of sexual misconduct, interferes with this right and will not be tolerated.

The statistics on sexual violence are deeply troubling, and the impact of sexual violence on students can be devastating. According to the "Dear Colleague" letter released by the Office of Civil Rights in April, 2011, "A report prepared for the National Institute of Justice found that about 1 in 5 women are victims of completed or attempted sexual assault while in college. The report also found that approximately 6.1 percent of males were victims of completed or attempted sexual assault during college." At UCM, we believe these statistics are unacceptable and we are committed to both preventing instances of sexual violence and actively assisting those who have been victimized.

UCM is committed to protecting students in connection with all the academic, educational, extracurricular, athletic, and other programs of the school, whether those programs take place in a school's facilities, on a school bus, at a class or training program. UCM is fully committed to developing and fully implementing effective sexual harassment policies and to providing training on this issue for students and staff.

For more information about Title IX and sexual assault complaints, please contact any of the following Title IX officers:

Corey Bowman, Title IX Coordinator
Associate Vice Provost for Student Experience and Engagement
Office of Student Experience and Engagement
214 Administration Building, 660-543-4114


Rick Dixon
Director of Human Resources
Office of Human Resources
101 Administration Building, 660-543-4255


Kathy Anderson
Senior Associate Athletic Director/Internal Operations
Multi Purpose building 203, 660-543-4310


Office for Civil Rights

If you do not wish to contact one of the above University Title IX Coordinators or other designated University resources with your questions or concerns regarding sex discrimination at the University, you may contact the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights in the Office for Civil Rights (OCR)external link with the U.S. Department of Education.

Missouri's regional OCR office is located in Kansas City and is available to provide assistance:

U.S. Department of Education
Office for Civil Rights
One Petticoat Lane
1010 Walnut St., Suite 320
Kansas City, MO 64106
Telephone: 816-268-0550
Fax: 816-268-0599