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Title IX


This webpage has been constructed to help students find the information they need quickly. Please use the following quick links to navigate to the information you need.

Sex discrimination (including sexual harassment, sexual assault, and sexual violence) is prohibited at UCM. Federal Guidelines have been implemented here at UCM for responding to reports of sex discrimination. These reporting guidelines are in response to the Office of Civil Rights 2011 letter regarding Title IX, the federal law prohibiting sex discrimination in educational institutions. These procedures apply to all employees, students and third parties.

Rape and all sexual violence are included as severe forms of sexual harassment under Title IX regulations.This means that all verbal or written reports of sexual assaults that occur on campus, at campus-related events, or that relate to discrimination, harassment, or retaliation alleged on campus, must be investigated by the university.

Here at Central, reports of on-campus sexual violence may be made at the Office of Public Safety, the Office of Student Experience and Engagement, University housing and Human Resources. Public Safety will investigate all reports and make the appropriate contact with UCM staff.

Making a report can benefit all students and contribute to a safer campus environment.

Students who do not want to make a complaint but would like assistance are encouraged to contact UCM's Violence and Substance Abuse Prevention Office, the Counseling Center or the Office of Student Experience and Engagement for assistance in addressing sexual violence."