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Erica Johnson
Rob Hicklin
Cristin Hubbard

Undergraduate Research

Welcome to Undergraduate Research at the University of Central Missouri

Undergraduate Research welcomes you to its program of educational excellence! Undergraduate Research promotes academic enrichment by helping to support student research and creative projects. It aims to provide students with opportunities that advance academic learning and stimulate intellectual development.

Undergraduate Research affords students the resources needed to explore topics and projects that arise especially from coursework and university life. In fact, one of the goals of undergraduate research is to foster in-depth collaboration between students and faculty on projects of mutual interest. It is this collaborative focus that makes undergraduate research a uniquely scholarly endeavor. For students, undergraduate research investigations typically provide the foundation for work in their chosen profession or pursuit of an advanced degree.

Undergraduate Research also aids in helping to connect faculty members and students who share mutual research interests. Students who have a general sense of the type of undergraduate research they would like to pursue are encouraged to visit Undergraduate Student Research and Creative Projects. Here they will find, among other things, a listing of faculty members currently seeking student involvement in specific projects or areas of inquiry.

Undergraduate Research offers modest funding for the pursuit of research and creative activities. It provides financial assistance for travel to professional conferences where students present or exhibit research/creative material. For detailed information regarding the application process and requirements, please click on Funding for Research and Funding for Travel.

Our program also supports student research and creative work by organizing and sponsoring UCM’s annual Scholars Symposium. This symposium showcases exceptional research findings and creative endeavors. It allows students to share and discuss outstanding work with faculty members and peers. Scholars Symposium takes place in the spring semester. To learn more about this event and procedures for submitting your work, please visit the Scholars Symposium link or contact the office directly.

In addition to promoting university sponsored research and creative activities, Undergraduate Research helps students locate external grant revenue. National Scholarships offer a wide variety of funding to eligible students and can provide financial assistance even for the student’s post-graduate career. Information on eligibility requirements and application procedures can be found on the National Scholarships link.

All UCM undergraduate students in good standing are eligible to receive funding through Undergraduate Research. Congratulations on taking a defining step in the pursuit of your undergraduate education. I am confident that your participation in undergraduate research will be both personally rewarding and contribute to knowledge in your chosen field of study.


Darlene Ciraulo
Associate Professor of English
Coordinator, Undergraduate Research