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Use of Tobacco Policy
Board of Governors Policy 1.2.120
Revised and approved by the Board of Governors on May 18, 2005

I. Purpose

The purpose of the "Use of Tobacco Policy" is to promote the health of the university community, to preserve and protect university property and to provide a clean and safe environment to study, work and learn.

II. Policy Statement

  1. The use of tobacco is prohibited in all indoor areas, with the exception of private residence apartments and the residence of the president. Tobacco use is also prohibited at the university's "open-air facilities" (i.e. Audrey J. Walton Stadium, James R. Crane Stadium, Amphitheatre, etc.), with the exception of section(s)/area(s) designated for tobacco use.

  2. Additionally, the use of tobacco specifically shall not be allowed in university vehicles.

  3. Students, faculty and employees may seek assistance with identifying tobacco cessation resources, including free information and access to low cost referral programs, through the University Health Center.

  4. The use of tobacco near any university building is prohibited, except in designated areas. Each university building manager will designate one or more doorway(s)/area(s) per building near which tobacco use is allowed. These designated areas will not be near the main, or most heavily used, entrance to any building.

  5. The sale of tobacco is prohibited on university premises.

  6. Tobacco use may be permitted for controlled research, educational or religious ceremonial purposes, with prior approval of the appropriate senior administrator.

Link to procedure: "Use of Tobacco Guidelines"

Revised and Adopted by the Board of Regents March 17, 1993
Implementation Date for Revised Policy: July 1, 1993
Revised and Approved by the Board of Governors on May 18, 2005
Formatting updated August 1, 2007