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Office of Broadcasting Services

KMOS-TV has served Missourians with high quality, award-winning programming since 1979. Over the years, hundreds of students have gained career-enhancing experience working in production, on-air operations, traffic, publications and outreach positions.

Students seeking experience in television production and operations will begin with a training program which may lead to a paid position. Some regular student employment and work study positions are available each semester.  To learn more about the opportunities available, contact us at or visit our office in Wood Building, Room 11.

High Quality Programming
Logo for KMOS-TVKMOS provides high quality award-winning programs for Missourians of all ages. From Sesame Street  to Washington Week, the programs we broadcast enlighten, entertain and enrich the lives of all who watch.
To learn what is on the air today, tonight or next week, check out our Broadcast Schedules.

While KMOS-TV plays an important role in preparing students for careers, and in communicating the value of UCM to central Missouri, we also work to make a difference in all of the communities we serve. Learn more in the 2011 Local Content and Service Report to the Community.