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Tweet Chat with University President Ambrose at UCM


Tweet Chat with the President

Last year’s highlights included Starbucks, The Crossing, red holiday lights and Glen Coco.

What will you tweet @UCMAmbrose about this year?

University of Central Missouri President Chuck Ambrose will host his third annual live Tweet Chat from noon-2 p.m. on Tuesday, March 3 as an open forum for University of Central Missouri students, staff, alumni and the community. Ask him questions about himself, UCM, current events or the future of the university.

Join the conversation with President Ambrose using #askAmbrose.
President Ambrose will answer the questions live on Twitter from his university office.

How to get involved with the Tweet Chat with the President:

  1. Create a Twitter account or log in to your current account.
  2. Search for the hashtag #askambrose to see the stream of Tweets for the conversation.
  3. Tweet out your question or comment using the hashtag #askambrose. In order for your question to be seen and responded to, it is essential that you use the hashtag or direct your question to @UCMAmbrose.
  4. When he replies, President Ambrose will use the hashtag in his response.
  5. Check back after the event to see the complete conversation that took place and pictures from President Ambrose’s office.

Check out some of last year’s Tweet Chat conversation.

Media inquiries, please contact Jeff Murphy.

Other questions about the event, contact Courtney Niemuth.