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Violence & Substance Abuse Prevention

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House Party Guide

Protecting our friends

None of us want our friends or guests to get hurt at our party.  As a sober host you play an integral role in helping keep your friends and guests safe.  Here are some more specific steps you can take:

Promote a responsible and legal use of alcohol
Let friendships work
Diffuse potential fights
Know the signs of alcohol poisoning

Please note:  we are not lawyers and this guide should not be taken as legal advice. 

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  • Important Numbers

    Promote a responsible and legal use of alcoho
    l.  As the host of the party we do have the authority to determine “how much is too much.”  This could mean cutting people off if they’re getting too intoxicated, limiting drinking games, or calling people on it if they’re feeding drinks to others in an attempt to get them wasted.  Remember, alcohol can prevent your friends from using their good judgment and following their values. 

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    Let friendships work.  If you see a person you don’t know well who seems to be stirring up trouble or who seems to be getting too intoxicated, consider approaching a more sober friend for assistance rather than approaching the individual directly yourself. 

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    Diffuse potential fights
    .  If it looks like a fight may break out, do your best to diffuse the violence.  Here are some options:
    • Enlist the help of friends of the people looking to fight, to get them to leave the party.
    • Keep other guests away from the people looking to fight.
    • Get a large group of friends to escort the brawlers out of the party and off the property.  Watch entrances so they can’t return.  Avoid putting your hands on people; they may turn on you.
    • Consider calling the police for assistance before things get out of hand.
    • If someone has a weapon, leave and call the police right away.

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    Know the signs of alcohol poisoning
    .  Too much alcohol can kill a person.  Never leave an intoxicated person alone.
    • If you see any of these symptoms:
      • The person is semi-conscious or unconscious
      • 8 or fewer breaths per minute
      • 8 or more seconds between breaths
      • Cold, clammy, pale or bluish skin
    • Immediately do this:
      • Call 911, don’t hesitate
      • Clear the person’s airway.
      • Put the person on his or her side (prop up with pillows if necessary.)
      • Stay with the person until the EMS takes over.

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