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UCM Department of Aviation

UCM Aviation

hands-on coursework cutting-edge technologies

Koko testimonial air fleet

"UCM has its own airport, an impressive fleet of airplanes and is AABI accredited"
- Miyukiko, M.S. in Aviation Safety


"Flying can be dangerous, and UCM teaches me to be at the top of my game."
- Nick, Professional Pilot major

Canaan Testimonial

"To be successful, you need the student-teacher relationships that are here at UCM."
- Chase, Professional Pilot and Aviation Management major

AOPA Membership| University of Central Missouri | Aviation Department | Aviation Programs

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Free Membership

The Department of Aviation and AOPA now have a partnership. If you are a UCM Aviation student and would like a free membership in AOPA, please complete the form below or pick up an application in T.R. Gaines Building, room 210. Please, return the completed application to Mary Shaw, TRG 210B.


Click here to download the AOPA Membership Application