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Harmon College of Business and Professional Studies

The business education and training you need to meet your individual career goals may be general — helping you gain entry into any industry — or very specific. At the University of Central Missouri, we offer a wide range of programs that open the door for many career pathways or the exact one you want. Whether you desire to become a financial leader or an IT professional, a professional pilot or a marriage and family therapist, UCM’s Harmon College of Business and Professional Studies will prepare you with the knowledge and skills you need to thrive in the career of your dreams. 

When you join a program in the Harmon College of Business and Professional Studies, you can become an ethical and motivated business leader in any field. You’ll get applied learning opportunities and an accredited education that will earn you recognition by employers or help you gain entry into the graduate or law school of your choice.

Our programs stand out from other business and professional studies programs for many reasons:

  • Real-world experience: In your business classes, you’ll work with UCM’s industry partners to develop creative solutions and build your resume. Depending on your major, you may also work with Parkinson’s patients in our Welch-Schmidt Clinic or study abroad for a unique perspective in international business — additional examples of real-world experience that gives you an edge over the competition. Further, successful students of our Fighting Mules ROTC program maintain a 100% employment rate following graduation. 
  • Engaged teaching and learning: Faculty mentors at UCM are leaders in their fields, are research scholars and bring their wealth of experience into the classroom to create an engaging and practical learning environment.
  • Meaningful networking opportunities: Gain exclusive access to the Harmon Professional Edge Program and engage with professionals in one of many networking opportunities. Attend our etiquette dinner, employer panel presentations or the Networking with Purpose events and form relationships that will be essential as you begin looking for a career you’re passionate about.
  • Debt-reducing financial aid and scholarships: Offering some of the most affordable and accessible business and professional studies degrees in the region, the Harmon College of Business and Professional Studies invests in you with generous scholarships.
  • Flexible degree programs: No matter where you join us from or how hectic your work or personal schedule is, our programs offer many accessible courses and degrees, with online, on-campus and hybrid learning options.
  • Exceptional career preparation: At the core of our programs is the belief that there is no substitution for a strong balance of hard and soft skill sets. Our graduates are highly sought-after by employers and universities because of their practical training experience and professional development, as well as a mastery of necessary skills such as communicating effectively, leading and collaborating within teams and thinking critically.
  • Specialized training opportunities: On UCM’s campus you’ll find the Missouri Safety Center, which offers a variety of training programs to complement your undergraduate or graduate studies: the Central Missouri Police Academy, motorcycle safety and advanced traffic safety training, among others. 
  • Competitive teams and student associations: Network with other UCM students when you join one of UCM’s many student associations. You can even apply your learning as a member of our award-winning competitive teams (which include UCM DECA) or our American Criminal Justice Association chapter, or participate in our Student Management Investment Fund, valued at over 1 million dollars. All these opportunities enable additional experience as well as relationships you’ll carry well into your future.



The Harmon College of Business and Professional Studies Mission

Our mission is to empower the next generation of professionals to lead and serve their organizations, professions and communities. We provide an accessible, practical and challenging education while engaging in research, innovation and professional collaboration. As a member of our college, you will be supported by an active and inclusive community of scholars, peers and alumni as committed to learning and leading as you are.


Academic units within the Harmon College of Business and Professional Studies


Academic units associated with the Harmon College of Business and Professional Studies

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Crisis and Disaster Management

Crisis and Disaster Management is associated with but not directly within the Harmon College of Business and Professional Studies. Any requests for information or additional questions should be directed to Dr. Laurel Hogue, Vice Provost for Online and Learning, at

Academic Programs within the Harmon College of Business and Professional Studies


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