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UCM Department of Aviation

UCM Aviation

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Koko testimonial air fleet

"UCM has its own airport, an impressive fleet of airplanes and is AABI accredited"
- Miyukiko, M.S. in Aviation Safety


"Flying can be dangerous, and UCM teaches me to be at the top of my game."
- Nick, Professional Pilot major

Canaan Testimonial

"To be successful, you need the student-teacher relationships that are here at UCM."
- Chase, Professional Pilot and Aviation Management major

EBS Student Exchange Program | Aviation programs | University of Central Missouri

EBS Student Exchange Program

Aviation Study Abroad
Through a partnership with the European Business School, UCM's Department of Aviation is able to offer its students the opportunity to study abroad in Germany, furthering their aviation studies.

About EBS:
Founded in 1971, the European Business School is located in Oestrich-Winkel near Frankfurt, Germany. Built in the 1500s, the buildings and classrooms maintain much of their grandeur, with chandeliers and fresco paintings overhead. The campus is also home to a 19th Century castle and winery. There are numerous restaurants and stores in the nearby town of Ruedesheim.

Why study abroad at EBS?

  • Studying abroad gives you skills sets that cannot be learned in the typical classroom setting.
  • You will gain exposure to another country and culture.
  • Although EBS is a German school, the majority of aviation classes are taught in English.

What makes EBS different than other programs?

  • EBS is specifically designed for Airport Management and Flight Operations Management students and offers the following courses:
    • Cooperation in the Aviation Industry
    • Aviation Law and Policy
    • Aircraft- Technical, Economical and Operation Characteristics
    • Airline Marketing
    • Seminar in Aviation Management
    • Revenue Management
    • Network Management
    • Airline Business Models and Strategies
    • Airport and Air Transport Management
    • Air Cargo Management
  • Most of the instructors are industry professionals and offer networking opportunities.
  • Students will be paired with host students to aid in the transition.
  • Because there are no dormitories, you will get to stay with a host family, boosting your cultural experience.

For more information:

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