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UCM Department of Aviation

UCM Aviation

hands-on coursework cutting-edge technologies

Koko testimonial air fleet

"UCM has its own airport, an impressive fleet of airplanes and is AABI accredited"
- Miyukiko, M.S. in Aviation Safety


"Flying can be dangerous, and UCM teaches me to be at the top of my game."
- Nick, Professional Pilot major

Canaan Testimonial

"To be successful, you need the student-teacher relationships that are here at UCM."
- Chase, Professional Pilot and Aviation Management major

Post-9/11 GI Bill and other Programs

The following information is from the Department of Veterans Affairs website:

The Department of Veterans Affairs administers a variety of benefit programs.  Many Veterans and active duty personnel can qualify for more than one education benefits program, including:

For help determining which program best fits your particular needs, see “Benefit Comparison Tools” in the Resources section.

Current rates for all Education benefit programs are available.  This information can be useful in helping you select a benefit program.

The Post 9/11 GI Bill and Debit:  Understanding Why and How it Works


For more information regarding UCM's military tuition package, please click here, or send an email to Lisa Morse, UCM's Certifying Official. Lisa is located in the Office of Military and Veterans Services, Elliott Union 117, and can be reached at 660-543-8990.